He’s Not Our ‘Greatest Briton’ – He’s A Very Naughty Boy!

Winston Churchill, once regarded as a "very naughty" child, struggled with French and geography but excelled in history during his school years. A recently discovered school report from 1883 shows that his knowledge of history was judged as "good," while his overall behavior was described as often "troublesome."

The report is just one of many items that will be displayed at a new museum devoted to Churchill’s life and legacy located at the Cabinet War Rooms of London. The museum’s £6m project is set to open on February 11, which will coincide with the fortieth anniversary of the great war leader’s death, and will feature hundreds of artifacts, photos, and films, many of which are new and never seen before by the public.

In addition to a framed sketch celebrating D-Day sent to Churchill by Stalin, visitors will be able to view a variety of personal items belonging to Churchill, including his famous Bowker hat and his ‘no whistling’ sign that hung in the war rooms. The exhibit will also contain a variety of documents and letters detailing Churchill’s difficult time at school, where he was bullied, often in trouble, and received poor marks at St. George’s.

Using the latest technology, the museum will feature an interactive ‘lifeline’ table that allows visitors to digitally journey through Churchill’s life. With a simple touch, visitors can access information, key documents, films, and photos relating to each period of Churchill’s life.

The Churchill Museum is a careful balance between portraying Churchill as a hero while not wearing rose-tinted glasses. Phil Reed, the museum’s director, acknowledged the difficulty of such an exhibit. Nonetheless, as the first museum dedicated to the man voted as the "Greatest Briton" in a BBC poll, the interactive Churchill Museum is certain to be an attraction for those internationals who cherish the great war leader.


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